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Now it should be the Rangel-Daschle-Geithner Rule**

January 31, 2009

Great commentary by Michelle Malkin  regarding the tax problems of Daschle who describes having an epiphany last summer that maybe he owed taxes on the imputed income of being given a limousine with chauffeur by the company that hired him after he lost re-election to the Senate.

For you primary care  doctors,  this is the guy who wants  nurses to takeover all primary care, because doctors are “too expensive. ”  Yeah,  primary care doctors are getting rich off all those $60 office visits, when your overhead for each patient is $55.      And our wonderful Congress receives free Caribbean vacations from lobbyists,   but doctors now are forbidden to take a pen or cup from a drug representative because doctors will then only prescribe that company’s expensive medications.    Such hypocrisy.

I am sorry, but I am mad as hell and I am not gonna take it anymore!   Are there any ethical people left in Congress?    **Is it now an option for Congressmen  and ex-Congressmen to pay all their  back taxes & interest  only when they are about to go for confirmation of a  White House job or get caught red handed?

Voters, we need to clean out the swamp.

Someone else is fed up too.

UPDATE 2-1-09: Fox News is reporting Daschle made $220,000 in speaking fees from health groups he would be involved with when  confirmed Secretary of  HHS.   One of the things Daschle wants to regulate is how money is paid to doctors for speaking fees from pharmaceutical companies.       Daschle has lost any credibility to change/reform the healthcare system.

UPDATE  2-2-09:   Daschle’s income from several sources was in the millions of dollars, and, he had at least $88,000  unreported income as well as unpaid Medicare/household employee  taxes for his “chauffeur.”   There is more than enough reason for the IRS to do complete tax audits  for the last 10 years, since unreported income is considered tax fraud.  Were there penalties assessed by the IRS  for all of this unpaid tax?!


Octuplets: Is this a Muslim mother?

January 31, 2009

The 33 year old woman who gave birth to octuplets in California is being hidden from the public, but her parents last name is Suleman.   There have been video reports with comments by both parents acknowledging  their daughter already has 6  children,  the oldest  8 years old; they state she has no husband and it is very unclear who fathered all of these 14 children.

The octuplet mother reportedly was a “psychiatric technician”-I am not sure what that means, and had filed for bankruptcy last year.    How she was able to afford invitro fertilization is a mystery.   I assume that Kaiser Permanente would never approve and pay for IVF  for a woman with 6 children.

My burning question:  Is this woman a Muslim trying to “bear fruit and multiply?”   She certainly has accomplished that with taxpayers footing the bill to the tune of tens of millions of dollars over the lifetime of her 14 children.

In my opinion, the doctor who implanted 8 embryos should at the least be stripped of his medical license and answer to the California Medical Board.   This one multiple birth just puts another preventable strain on the medical resources in California.

ABC News report here  has more information, saying the woman’s last name was Doud, but had it legally changed to Suleman;   she previously was married to a man named Gutierrez whom she divorced with “no children.”      This woman’s  story just gets more and more bizarre.        The cost of delivering and caring for these 8 premature babies is WAY underestimated in this article.

ADDED THOUGHT:   A “round” of IVF costs around $15,000 or so.    A woman may have to go through several implantations to finally have an embryo implant properly and maintain a pregnancy to term.   The more embryos the doctor implants, the higher the chance of  a pregnancy, but of course one also risks  multiple implantations at once.    Perhaps this woman could only “afford ” one round of implantation and the fertility doctor used 8 embryos to improve her chance of pregancy.  Did this woman really have 8 frozen embryos in waiting or did she use a “super-ovulatory” drug  like clomiphene to stimulate 8 eggs simultaneously  to maturation in her ovaries?

Teflon Charlie Rangel

January 31, 2009

I don’t think I can take much more of Charlie Rangel’s lack of ethics.   From not paying taxes to abusing rent control housing in New York City to a huge earmark to fund a “Charlie Rangel Library” to house his congressional papers to today’s story:  taking a junket to St. Maarten in the Caribbean shortly after TARP passed.   And of course a recipient of the bailout founds paid for it all: Citigroup.

Taxpayers, we need to revolt!

All you taxpayers need to be treated like Rangel and Geithner

January 30, 2009

You can tell Rep. John Carter is from Texas.   He is one of the House Republicans who voted unanimously NO to the Porkulus Stimulus Bill.   If only we could get the Senate Republicans to unite against Reid and Pelosi.

The Rangel Rule (should be Rangel-Geithner Rule)  would allow a taxpayer who owes back taxes & interest to write “Rangel Rule” on a tax form to the IRS and the taxes would be waived.   Great idea!

Rick Warren’s inaugural invocation dissected by Walker, Texas Ranger-WOW

January 30, 2009

I am always amazed after reading a Chuck Norris commentary– can’t believe how erudite  and perceptive he is after watching him on Walker, Texas Ranger years ago.

As Mr. Norris states, hardly anyone understood how well crafted Warren’s prayer was and the meaning behind each phrase.    He notes the crowd joined in reciting The Lord’s Prayer (but not the Messiah) at the end.   I know I had more emotion then,  compared to anything else that was said.

Why is it ok to say The Lord’s Prayer at the inauguration,  but any sort of prayer is banned in public schools?

Chuck Norris is very popular as an “urban legend” on college campuses.   I sure hope a few of those students read his commentary.

Gitmo judge declines Obama’s request

January 29, 2009

AP  is reporting that the judge handling the trial of the terrorist mastermind of the USS Cole bombing has declined Obama’s request to halt all trials at Guantanamo.    17 of  our sailors died in the Cole attack  in 2000 in Yemen.

At least one judge is not acquiescing to the Messiah.

UPDATE:  Here’s  an blog post with more complete information.

Obama ain’t no Jimmy Carter when it comes to the thermostat

January 29, 2009

American Thinker  nails the issue of the new  Oval Office casual dress policy and the PROFOUND hypocrisy of the Messiah telling us we can’t set our thermostats at 72 degrees and drive SUV’s.  (I am sitting in my home  now with a hoodie on so I can turn down the heat and save some money on that dreaded natural gas bill.)

And after he made fun of the way DC reacts to an ice storm sitting in his “Hothouse Oval Office”  compared to the weather brave-Chicago,  will no Whitehouse reporter  take him to task?

Another liberal take from the International Herald Tribune.

Illegal aliens getting money in Democrat House stimulus bill!

January 29, 2009

This is the headline on The Drudge Report  which Rush just mentioned.

I am sure the Messiah and John McCain are already plotting an amnesty bill.

Candidate Obama negotiating truce with Al Qaida?

January 29, 2009

I don’t know how reliable the World Tribune is , but I am familiar with George Friedman at who is quoted in this article.    The report states that while a presidential candidate, Obama through Arab Muslim intermediaries with ties to AQ  leadership in Pakistan, was negotiating  a truce with Al Qaida in exchange for the US withdrawing all troops from Afghanistan.

Don’t know if this is true (where are you mainstream media?), but this would be treason, a violation of the Logan Act.

Unemployed millionaires will be eligible for Medicaid

January 28, 2009

I do not understand how these Congressmen sleep at night after thinking up ridiculous ways to waste taxpayer money.   The New York Times  is reporting that the stimulus bill will allow people who have assests of up to 1 million dollars  or  had a job making up to $100,000 , who lose their “job”  , will qualify for Medicaid—and, states cannot ask financial status questions.   So how do you know someone is eligible  if you can’t ask about income or assets?   Sounds like a Catch-22 to me.