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Do we each have a guardian angel?

December 24, 2008

We all want to believe what the nuns told us: each of us is assigned a guardian angel.   Watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” each Christmas only makes us hope that maybe there is an angel watching over each and everyone of us.

As a physician, I have seen some patients recover from critical conditions, when I did not think they would live.  Don’t know if a guardian angel was involved, but this story is a great one for Christmas Eve.

I plan to ring a few bells to make sure this “angel” makes it into heaven.


David Spade is a better man than George Bush

December 24, 2008

I  have never really thought David Spade was all that great a comedian, but saw this article

 about his donating $100,000 to help the embattled Phoenix Police buy the appropriate firepower to defend themselves against the Mexican onslaught, and I have a newfound respect for Spade.

However, I am losing my respect for President Bush who prefers to pardon dead people, drug dealers, and transporters of illegal aliens  instead of border patrol agents, Ramos and Campean,  who sit in jail in solitary confinement for Christmas.

President Bush, you are not a conservative and you are not compassionate.

Shades of things to come in American Healthcare?

December 21, 2008

This article from   UK TimesOnline  typifies the problems that occur when government bureaucrats manage and control a country’s national healthcare system.   Adding more bureaucrats to micromanage how doctors practice medicine, in particular,  limiting the number of hours a doctor can work to 48 hours/week,  is a prescription for disaster.   Imagine you are very sick on a Friday morning and arrive at your family doctor’s office.   The door is locked with a CLOSED sign.   Alas, your doctor finished working his statute -limited work week on Thursday afternoon and you are out of luck until Monday morning.    For the few of you patients who still have  a doctor who will  “call you in an antibiotic”,   he/she  won’t be allowed to take phone calls after hours either–contrary to the opinion of insurance companies, taking phone calls is considered work (just ask an attorney).    Every primary care doctor who has been in practice more than a few years can tell you about patients who always call after hours and on the weekend who think their doctor just enjoys talking to them and is eagerly waiting for their beeper or cell phone to ring at midnight .  On the line is one of the doctor’s patients, who has had symptoms for several days, has self diagnosed a recurrent  sinus infection that responded so well to Zithromax in 2004, the last time he came in for an office visit.

When Mr. Obama is able to get his socialized healthcare passed,  changes will probably come in steps.   I expect a broad extension of S-CHIP to all children and then to an ever enlarging adult population.     Because the socialists in an Obama adminstration will preach for equality in all aspects of healthcare,  I predict a medical system like Canada’s or Great Britain’s will eventually be passed by a Democrat dominated Congress,  though a 2-tiered system will likely survive—Congress will certainly exempt themselves from socialized medicine!

In a future post,  I hope to discuss reimbursement for doctors.   While Congress gave themselves a $4100 payraise,  doctors had to fight to prevent a 5.5% Medicare reimbursement cut.   Due to decreased reimbursement over the last decade  from Medicare and private insurance, while overhead costs continued to rise, many doctors are making 20 to 30% less than 10 years ago in absolute dollars (not including effect of inflation).

Will Rev. Wright be at the White House Prayer Breakfast?

December 19, 2008

Ok,  there has been quite  a bit of hullabaloo regarding Obama’s pick of Rick Warren  (“A Purpose Drive Life”)  to give the invocation at the inauguration.    The gay community is upset because Warren is opposed to gay marriage.   Some conservatives object to pro-life Warren speaking for very pro-choice (to the point of infanticide approval) Obama.

Most of the commentary I have heard today is praise for Obama being such a centrist and not holding anything against Rev. Warren, particularly in view of Obama’s terrible “debate” performance  with John McCain at Saddleback Church before the election.    Many conservatives thought Obama would lose the election because of his very poor performance at Saddleback.

My opinion about picking Rev. Warren is contrarian.   Obama wants to win over the conservatives/Republicans/independents and his selections for his cabinet and inauguration activies will allow the MSM to pronounce that Obama will govern as a centrist.   Obama will attempt to prove he is not the radical liberal (voted most liberal senator) portrayed by Rush and Hannity.   

Once he is in the good graces of the majority of Americans (approval rating above 60%) we will then see William Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn, Rashid Khalidi,  and all of Obama’s radical contingent  invited to the White House.      And I for one, will not be surprised when Rev. Jeremiah Wright is front and center at the White House Prayer Breakfast.    To quote Rodney King: “Can’t we all just get along?”

Obama mansion wheeling and dealing

December 17, 2008

GOP MOM    has the best article I have read regarding the Rezko/Obama real estate deal, including Rekzo buying out a restrictive covenant on the empty lot next door to Obama’s mansion.   The article is long , but worth reading  to the end.

Obama eligibility court cases

December 17, 2008

For the best summary and docket links to all the SCOTUS and state lawsuits challenging Obama’s eligibility to be president,  I would recommend The Right Side of Life.    Phil Berg continues on with another “stay” rejected by Justice Kennedy, but the Supreme Court docket now shows his initial case set for conference (all nine justices) on Jan. 9th.

Dr. Orly Taitz , associated with the Alan Keyes case in California has also had her stay denied by Justice Kennedy but plans to re-submit to Chief Justice Roberts as well as place an open letter on the internet.    Dr. Taitz is a Russian immigrant who is both a dentist and a lawyer and has been very outspoken about the natural born citizen problem of Obama, as well as the ridiculously poor job the MSM has done in vetting Obama over the last 2 years.

What is Rekzo saying now?

December 17, 2008

The Chicago SunTimes is reporting that Tony Rezko is asking that his sentencing be delayed indefinitely. Sounds like the chief fundraiser for Obama and Blago has more dirt to spill. Perhaps those Fitzgerald tapes have information that could lead to more indictments for Rezko—sounds like it is time to sing!

Democrats never resign, well almost never

December 17, 2008

American Thinker  has a great article this  past week outlining why Gov. Blagojevich should not resign.   I would add that there really never is an expectation that a Democrat politician will resign.   If President Clinton had been a Republican,  he would not have been allowed to remain  the president after the sullied blue dress was revealed.    If Senator Robert Byrd was a Republican and uttered his famous “white n-word”  remark,   he would  have been gone in days.    Then there is Democratic Congressman Jefferson from Louisiana who had $90,000 in frozen assets in his home freezer–no resignation of course.   Louisiana was lucky to boot Jefferson out of office and elect Cao,  a subdued but refreshing immigrant who escaped from Viet Nam in 1975.   Cao probably only won the election because it was delayed by Hurricane Katrina and once That One  was safely in, there was no reason for the black vote to trek to the polls.

But wait, there was a Democrat who resigned last week: John Harris, Blago’s Chief of Staff, who also was arrested the same day as  Blago and apparently is now  nowhere to be found.   A perusal of  the 80 page indictment reveals that Harris was listed as frequently  as  Blago  (perhaps more than Blago)  participating in the taped phone conversations.   As Blago’s right hand man,  Mr. Harris certainly could be helpful to  fill in the blanks in Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigation.     Has anyone seen Mr. Harris since he resigned?