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Medina makes the Drudge Report & UK Guardian

February 28, 2010



Dallas Tea Party challenges “white people” at MSNBC

February 22, 2010

This video is great,  and funny!

Scientifically, premarital sex is a bad thing

February 22, 2010

Very interesting  take on why premarital sex is not a good thing for young people.

What your doctor won’t tell you: Birth control pills cause breast cancer

February 22, 2010

Young women, you are increasing your risk for breast cancer if you take the birth control pill before completing a  full term pregnancy.     This statement is not politically correct to state in this country, so the medical data continues to be ignored.    I have my copy of the Mayo Clinic article from 2006 quoted in the American Thinker article, and I was shocked to see in writing that the IARC, an international agency had declared the birth control pill was a CARCINOGEN.

But the powers that be won’t let the word get out that the pill is bad for young women in particular.  How many teens do you know that have been put on the pill to “regulate their periods.”     Have you ever seen a study of the incidence of breast cancer in women who started on the pill in their teens and/or have long term use of the pill?

Women have every right to take the pill, but when will doctors and federal health officials tell us the politically incorrect TRUTH that oral contraceptives undoubtedly increase the risk of breast cancer?

Will America elect a 77 year old in 2012?

February 21, 2010

In case you did not hear, Ron Paul won the Presidential straw poll at CPAC yesterday with 31% of the vote with Romney second with 22%.   Half the people who voted were under 25, alot were college students who are obsessed with Ron Paul.  They are the same crowd that love Debra Medina.

I like  alot of things about Dr. Ron Paul, Texas congressman.  I agree with Ann Coulter’s answer at CPAC that she agrees with Ron Paul about everything except all his views on national security.    But you Ron Paul supporters who overwhelmed the Presidential straw poll at CPAC need to grow up and find the electable person who will replace Dr. Paul as head of the libertarians.      Dr. Paul will be 77 years old in 2012, and though it is admirable that so many under 25 support him, there is no way the American electorate is going to choose a Republican who is 77 years  old–a 77 year old Democrat would  not be elected either.

On another blog, a Ron Paul supporter bemoaned the fact that 3 Tea Party Republicans dared to challenge Dr. Paul in the Republican primary on March 2.   Why is that a bad thing, to have competition and let the people in Paul’s district decide who they want as their congressman?    The libertarians know if that Dr. Paul does not get re-elected to Congress in 2010, he will not be a viable presidential candidate in 2012.   Let us also remember that in the past, Ron Paul was in favor of term limits.

Everyone with any political sense knows a third party candidate in 2012 will just get Obama re-elected.   That was clearly  expressed at CPAC by many people.     I believe even the libertarians accept that fact.   Hopefully, Dr. Paul will not be another Ross Perot and will not run for president in 2012—-he will be held in the highest disdain if he takes votes away from a Republican candidate who will most certainly have a great chance to beat Obama or any Democrat candidate.

I would be ok with Ron Paul as the VP candidate, the older, wiser advisor to a younger president such as Dick Cheney was to Bush.   Ron Paul called for “tolerance” at least twice in his CPAC speech.     The conservatives and libertarians must come together.   The conservatives must support some of the economic principles of the libertarians, but the libertarians must accept the fact Ron Paul is never going to be elected POTUS.

Nominate Glenn Beck for an Emmy

February 20, 2010

You can go to or C-span and watch Glenn Beck’s speech at CPAC.   I am not a fan of  Glenn Beck.   I think he acted like an ass after he interviewed Debra Medina.

But he gave a  wonderfully educational and patriotic speech today at CPAC.   And his famous blackboard will now be at the Wednesday morning meeting of the top conservatives in DC.

Congrats to Baylor University; Welcome back to Texas, Ken Starr

February 15, 2010

Scott Brown sets Biden straight

February 15, 2010

Yeah, those NASCAR folks love Sarah Palin!

February 15, 2010,0,596430.story

NASCAR folks cling to guns and religion, and those who protect us from terrorism.