Octuplets: Is this a Muslim mother?

The 33 year old woman who gave birth to octuplets in California is being hidden from the public, but her parents last name is Suleman.   There have been video reports with comments by both parents acknowledging  their daughter already has 6  children,  the oldest  8 years old; they state she has no husband and it is very unclear who fathered all of these 14 children.

The octuplet mother reportedly was a “psychiatric technician”-I am not sure what that means, and had filed for bankruptcy last year.    How she was able to afford invitro fertilization is a mystery.   I assume that Kaiser Permanente would never approve and pay for IVF  for a woman with 6 children.

My burning question:  Is this woman a Muslim trying to “bear fruit and multiply?”   She certainly has accomplished that with taxpayers footing the bill to the tune of tens of millions of dollars over the lifetime of her 14 children.

In my opinion, the doctor who implanted 8 embryos should at the least be stripped of his medical license and answer to the California Medical Board.   This one multiple birth just puts another preventable strain on the medical resources in California.

ABC News report here  has more information, saying the woman’s last name was Doud, but had it legally changed to Suleman;   she previously was married to a man named Gutierrez whom she divorced with “no children.”      This woman’s  story just gets more and more bizarre.        The cost of delivering and caring for these 8 premature babies is WAY underestimated in this article.

ADDED THOUGHT:   A “round” of IVF costs around $15,000 or so.    A woman may have to go through several implantations to finally have an embryo implant properly and maintain a pregnancy to term.   The more embryos the doctor implants, the higher the chance of  a pregnancy, but of course one also risks  multiple implantations at once.    Perhaps this woman could only “afford ” one round of implantation and the fertility doctor used 8 embryos to improve her chance of pregancy.  Did this woman really have 8 frozen embryos in waiting or did she use a “super-ovulatory” drug  like clomiphene to stimulate 8 eggs simultaneously  to maturation in her ovaries?


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2 Responses to “Octuplets: Is this a Muslim mother?”

  1. Doc's Wife Says:

    On your added update – an IVF cycle can cost up to $15,000 when the drugs are taken into consideration as part of the total cost….not all IVF costs that much; she may have taken a contract for multiple cycles at a discount. From what I’ve heard she had all of her children through IVF. The most costly part is the fresh cycle, any cycles that are done following the fresh cycle (frozen embryos) are significantly less money since you only pay for the thaw and transfer. If she underwent her first IVF young, nine years ago since her oldest is 8, she’d have been 22….at that age it is very possible she made a ton of eggs (20 to 40 eggs), had them fertilized and stored and those are the embryos she had transferred; which means whichever doc did the transfer, did so knowing the great risk being taken with the transfer – embryos chance of “sticking” are based on the age of the mother at fertilization, not the age at transfer. And even if the doc was basing his decision on age of transfer, at 32, the most he should have transferred was two at one time.

  2. politicaldoc Says:

    Thank you Doc’s Wife for your input.
    We learned in last couple of days that “Nadya” reported she had 6 embryos transferred and 2 of the eggs divided to become twins, and thus 8 children. Maybe the doctor used all the remaining frozen embryos Nadya had left. I think it is telling the fertility doctor has not stepped forward—the California Medical Board is reportedly investigating because if he/she transferred 6 embryos, most fertility experts agree that was malpractice and unethical.
    Another disturbing aspect is that Nadya has been on disability for a “back injury” since 2002, and has been attending college—where in the world did the money come for IVF?

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