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Teddy Kennedy’s dying hubris to Pope Benedict

August 31, 2009

I nearly fell out of my chair when watching Cardinal McCarrick at Teddy Kennedy’s graveside proudly reading the letter Teddy had sent to the pope via Obama.  Instead of a letter full of repentance for his sins,  and  humility as he neared his judgment day with God,  Teddy instead bragged about his work for immigrants, education, the poor, healthcare for all—the usual liberal  rundown of  Catholic “social justice”.    Teddy even had the audacity to brag about voting for the “conscience clause”, which allows Catholic healthcare providers to not be forced to participate in abortions.    Do you understand what that means?   Teddy is telling the pope how he is such a great liberal American Catholic–he has no objection to anyone murdering a fetus, but preferably just let the non-Catholics do the dirty deed!!!    Wow, I am sure Pope Benedict was really impressed with Teddy’s  bold  disregard of Catholic dogma: all life is precious and begins at conception.   There is an editorial in the NYT today comparing the pro-life Eunice with pro-abortion Teddy; many people have said that Eunice did more for society than her brother Teddy.    One would presume all of Teddy’s siblings were prolife.   In particular, his mother Rose could not have been happy her youngest son flouted the Vatican with his open and staunch support of abortion, including partial birth abortion which is plainly infanticide.   No wonder  Teddy and Obama got along so well.

In my next post, I will discuss the “form letter” sent back to Teddy from the Vatican.


August 26, 2009

Why do Democrats keep lying to us? Promises were made to La Raza that Obama will keep if he can fool the American people.   Finallly,  the Congressional Research Service reveals the sham:  No illegal will ever be asked for proof that he/she is an American citizen!!.  Republicans have tried at least twice to put an amendment to HR3200 to mandate proof of citizenship and, of course,  the Democrats have voted them down.  or

There also is a statement in HR3200 that “non-resident aliens” do not have to pay the 2.5% tax penalty that American citizens will pay for not having health insurance.