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Glenn Beck, we need to take our country back. We already know about faith, hope, charity, and honor

August 30, 2010

I guess I am the only conservative who thinks Glenn Beck did not help our cause with his religious revival on Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial.

With a crowd of patriotic, God-fearing, and God-loving Americans, why would Beck give a sermon about tithing and going to church?   Why the overwhelming emphasis on presenting African Americans on stage, who preached some conservative values, but couldn’t resist praying that America’s racism  will disappear?

NOTE TO ALVEDA:   We are not racists and you dishonor your presence on the rally stage by once again bringing up a topic that is hurled unfairly against conservatives time and time again.

Yes, Glenn Beck got his chance to tell the world he is not a racist by turning a patriotic rally to restore our country’s principles into a platform to present one after another of black evangelicals.   Did anyone notice that the white country western singers were all relegated to sing AFTER the program ended?

God is great, God is good, but these people already knew that—Beck was preaching to the choir, instead of to the unethical politicians that are destroying our country.   Our founding fathers did not just pray for independence—–they fought and died.   Forty days of prayer is not going to elect a Congress that can overturn Obamacare and the Marxist/Socialist policies that are already destroying our country!

Shame on you, Glenn Beck.


Birthright citizenship is not constitutional

August 26, 2010

The 14th amendment did not mean citizenship for anchor babies.

Miss Us Yet? God bless George and Laura

August 12, 2010

OK Republicans, Ann Coulter has done your research on anchor baby citizenship

August 4, 2010

EXCELLENT  article by Ann Coulter explaining the screwed-up history of anchor babies getting US citizenship.    Thank you, Ann!

DISGUSTING Behavior of illegals–these people do NOT deserve citizenship or amnesty!

August 2, 2010