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Debra Medina, have you been paid off by Joe Straus?

January 10, 2011

Dear Debra,

First you send me an email asking that your supporters contribute so you can have all your expenses paid to lobby full time in Austin for your “platform.”

Then you circuitously endorse Straus for speaker, implying Texas will be screwed if Chisum or Paxton is elected speaker.

Why don’t you directly explain why you as a libertarian support a RINO and can’t bring yourself to support a social and financial conservative for speaker?

Otherwise, please stop thinking conservatives can ever support you again.

Oust Joe Straus!

November 23, 2010

Texans cannot afford another legislative session with a Democrat supporting RINO  in charge.   Straus is responsible for no conservative legislation being passed  in the previous Texas House session.    These 2 videos summarize the angst against him that the grassroots/Tea Pary feel.