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Military Heroes: Boycott the Obamas on Independence Day!

July 1, 2012

Obama has been trying for years to lower the health benefits for our military–he wants everyone in the country pushed first into Obamacare and then a nationalized healthcare which has to include British style rationing, hurting our elderly and wounded the most.


Surprise, surprise, Obama wants to reduce military health benefits

February 27, 2012

Obama has been promising to trash Tricare since he was immaculated.  You liberals in the military are getting what you voted for, while  civilians employed by the military (that is, those in those protected unions) will not be affected.

Scott Brown: “Veterans, Tricare will be cut if the healthcare bill passes.”

January 12, 2010

Yes, it is the PEOPLE’S senate seat.   It does not belong to the Kennedy family.

Obama wants vets to pay for treatment of their war wounds

March 12, 2009

Unbelievable that Shinseki would state a policy is under consideration for veterans to pay for the healthcare related to service connected wounds and conditions.   Suggesting war wounds be treated in the private healthcare system must mean he truly believes in socialized medicine.   He wants to get rid of Medicare, Tricare, Medicaid, S-Chip and just have one socialized, rationed  healthcare for all, except himself and Congress who will make sure they keep their top grade health insurance system.

Obama has no respect for the military; I don’t even think he understands what happens when one joins the military.   Not knowing he should  return the salute  of a Marine is beyond comprehension.