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Craig James, please don’t waste your time running for Hutchison’s senate seat

March 7, 2011

Craig  James, ESPN commentator,  was on the Mark Davis radio show in Dallas this morning, stating he is considering running for the US Senate seat  soon to be vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison.   The  list of declared  candidates is  long—my favorite is Ted Cruz who is a well documented conservative who has served as Texas’ Solicitor General.

James started the conversation with Davis stating he will not go after Obama; he pledges to follow the Constitution and free market principles.

Sorry Craig, but we need a senator who will call out Obama as the socialist that he is well documented to be (read Kurtz’s book “Radical in Chief” to allay any doubts).   Did you not learn anything from the McCain debacle in 2008?

Obama is destroying this country and we need EVERY Republican to state that if he/she wants to be elected.