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Obama’s “Catholic Plan”—predicted 3 years ago

March 12, 2012

This video from May 2009 outlines exactly what Obama has done since his immaculation:

Craig James, please don’t waste your time running for Hutchison’s senate seat

March 7, 2011

Craig  James, ESPN commentator,  was on the Mark Davis radio show in Dallas this morning, stating he is considering running for the US Senate seat  soon to be vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison.   The  list of declared  candidates is  long—my favorite is Ted Cruz who is a well documented conservative who has served as Texas’ Solicitor General.

James started the conversation with Davis stating he will not go after Obama; he pledges to follow the Constitution and free market principles.

Sorry Craig, but we need a senator who will call out Obama as the socialist that he is well documented to be (read Kurtz’s book “Radical in Chief” to allay any doubts).   Did you not learn anything from the McCain debacle in 2008?

Obama is destroying this country and we need EVERY Republican to state that if he/she wants to be elected.

Steve Wynn for President!!

July 21, 2010

We must take the Congress in November!!

July 17, 2010

I only hope we can reverse all the damage the liberal democrats have wrought.

This is what you get when you educate illegals

May 8, 2010

UPDATE 5-9-10:  This video was removed from the Drudge Report overnight.   One has to think there must have been political pressure placed on Drudge, since this is such a powerful video which shows why conservatives are not for amnesty for all the illegals in the US.    The illegals don’t want citizenship, they just want to completely access the welfare benefits paid by American taxpayers.

Drudge may have folded to pressure, but this video will not go away.

Redistribution of Wealth = Socialism; no matter how hard the Dems try to hide it.

April 1, 2010

EXCELLENT video regarding Catholicism, socialism & Obamacare!

March 21, 2010


From Sarah Palin’s Facebook page: 90 seconds to healthcare doom

March 19, 2010

Worth the 90 seconds to view this.

“How to Brainwash a Nation” according to the KGB

October 8, 2009

Shades of things to come in American Healthcare?

December 21, 2008

This article from   UK TimesOnline  typifies the problems that occur when government bureaucrats manage and control a country’s national healthcare system.   Adding more bureaucrats to micromanage how doctors practice medicine, in particular,  limiting the number of hours a doctor can work to 48 hours/week,  is a prescription for disaster.   Imagine you are very sick on a Friday morning and arrive at your family doctor’s office.   The door is locked with a CLOSED sign.   Alas, your doctor finished working his statute -limited work week on Thursday afternoon and you are out of luck until Monday morning.    For the few of you patients who still have  a doctor who will  “call you in an antibiotic”,   he/she  won’t be allowed to take phone calls after hours either–contrary to the opinion of insurance companies, taking phone calls is considered work (just ask an attorney).    Every primary care doctor who has been in practice more than a few years can tell you about patients who always call after hours and on the weekend who think their doctor just enjoys talking to them and is eagerly waiting for their beeper or cell phone to ring at midnight .  On the line is one of the doctor’s patients, who has had symptoms for several days, has self diagnosed a recurrent  sinus infection that responded so well to Zithromax in 2004, the last time he came in for an office visit.

When Mr. Obama is able to get his socialized healthcare passed,  changes will probably come in steps.   I expect a broad extension of S-CHIP to all children and then to an ever enlarging adult population.     Because the socialists in an Obama adminstration will preach for equality in all aspects of healthcare,  I predict a medical system like Canada’s or Great Britain’s will eventually be passed by a Democrat dominated Congress,  though a 2-tiered system will likely survive—Congress will certainly exempt themselves from socialized medicine!

In a future post,  I hope to discuss reimbursement for doctors.   While Congress gave themselves a $4100 payraise,  doctors had to fight to prevent a 5.5% Medicare reimbursement cut.   Due to decreased reimbursement over the last decade  from Medicare and private insurance, while overhead costs continued to rise, many doctors are making 20 to 30% less than 10 years ago in absolute dollars (not including effect of inflation).