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The Palin Doctrine

March 19, 2011

Rush Limbaugh went nuts this week trying to defend Sarah Palin  against the numerous CONSERVATIVE attacks against her.    Rush is not a stupid man and he does not consider Palin a stupid woman;  he has had enough of the conservative right criticizing Palin even more than the left.     Read her Facebook posts—-she makes more sense than just about any other Republican, and  now is closing in on 3 million people who “like” her Facebook page.

Palin has always supported Israel and Israel appears to support her:

Palin at the Reagan Ranch–looks so much more presidential than Obama

February 17, 2011


My health insurance premiums just went up 20% thanks to Obamacare.

September 23, 2010

If you work for the government or a large corporation, let’s see how much your premiums go up in January because of today’s new healthcare mandates for ALL insurance companies.   Folks, you can’t give someone a policy with no lifetime limits and mandated coverage of preventive procedures with no copay or deductible and expect any insurance company to leave their rates the same.   Remember insurance companies are businesses, not the government which can spend without limits, with the bill going to you and me taxpayer.

Sarah Para Bellum (aka Sarah Palin)

May 22, 2010

Note that she is choking a rattle snake and stomping on “Rules for Radicals.”  She has “Death Panels”  on a blackberry in her left hand,  a cross necklace and what appears to be the Constitution and a Bible in her pocket.

Love this caricature!    The original article (link below) has a ton more explanation of the symbolism:

Hurrah for Sarah Palin–she’s not going to support a “Girls Club” in Congress

May 15, 2010

I was furious when Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison announced she would never campaign against or say a bad word about any female Democrat.   And somehow she needed to support the Girls Club in Congress rather than fight for conservative causes.  Texas told her what it thought of her allegiance with Dems when she lost in the primary to Perry.

Let’s elect conservatives in November–no one cares about gender; we want conservative fighters.

Donate to the Leadership Institute first:

March 23, 2010

The Leadership Institute is a thrifty Arlington, Virginia based conservative  educational organization trying to reach out and educate our college age sons and daughters to disabuse them of all the leftists lies that are intrinsic in our universities.   LI is telling all these students, soon to hopefully be employees, that Obama is destroying their future standard of living.  In particular, with Obamacare now the law of the land, health insurance premiums  for young working adults will likely DOUBLE  or more by next year because of the mandates, including the much touted under 27 year olds must be allowed to stay on their parents insurance.  Economics 101 (which should be required of all college students) tells us that you can’t ask insurance companies to take on more risks and definitely more claims to pay,  without  the cost being passed on to the customers, the policy holders.  Hard working young people (those not needing to stay on a parent’s policy) are getting screwed under Obamacare and unfortunately most don’t yet know  how Obama has betrayed them.

I still don’t trust the GOP leadership.  My suggestion is to give to your local and state candidates whom you know are solid conservatives.   Probably too much money is going to Dr. Dan Benishek and not enough to other worthy conservative candidates.   If there is a PAC I would trust, it would be Sarah Palin’s


I have never been a big proponent of donating to politicians, but I believe this year is an exception—we have to elect Republicans to get rid of Pelosi and to repeal the abomination of the new healthcare law.

But your money will be best spent donating to  an organization like  the Leadership Institute which is trying to educate that very important 18 to 34 demographic which will be crucial to elect reliable conservative Republican candidates in November.

Yeah, those NASCAR folks love Sarah Palin!

February 15, 2010,0,596430.story

NASCAR folks cling to guns and religion, and those who protect us from terrorism.

Why do leftists and libertarians both despise Sarah Palin?

February 12, 2010

I swear I won’t go back to the Debra Medina Facebook page.   You have to be a fan to comment and I believe alot of those fans (less than 18,000) may not be Medina voters.  Today,  with all the hullabaloo about Medina’s poor performance on Glenn Beck,  I guess the fans had battered Glenn Beck thoroughly, including painting his face like the Obama Joker.  Now they are bashing Sarah again, including saying that she wants another 9-11 Commission, implying she is a truther.   But of course Debra Medina is not a truther.

The same sort of discussion has been going on on the Rand Paul Facebook page, so I must conclude libertarians despise Sarah Palin as much as the leftists.  All you libertarians out there, could you please tell me what Sarah Palin has done besides endorsing Perry that would make you want to lose the Medina  election rather than just keep quiet and not alienate the Palin voters you now more than ever need desperately to win?

Happy Birthday, Sarah Palin

February 11, 2010

Sarah Palin endorses (and gives PAC money) to libertarian Rand Paul

February 10, 2010

When your first name is Rand and your father is Ron Paul, you know this ophthalmologist from Kentucky is a libertarian.   Notably, Sarah Palin passed on endorsing a traditional conservative that the Republican Party in Kentucky is endorsing.   So we see the maverickiness (ooh, love this word I made up!) of  Sarah Palin.

I am sure the Sarah bashing Medina fans will have their typical negative spin on Sarah’s endorsement.