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Military Heroes: Boycott the Obamas on Independence Day!

July 1, 2012

Obama has been trying for years to lower the health benefits for our military–he wants everyone in the country pushed first into Obamacare and then a nationalized healthcare which has to include British style rationing, hurting our elderly and wounded the most.

John Roberts, a Name that will live in infamy

June 30, 2012

I would love to know the seizure meds that John Roberts is taking—his brain is obviously addled.

If I were the Chief Justice’s physician I would order a stat MRI and EEG.

My feeling is Roberts is married to a leftist woman and she had enormous clout with him, causing him to give the finger to Scalia, Kennedy, Alito and Thomas.

Here is updated information outlining  Roberts’ infamy:;contentBody

Obama’s “Catholic Plan”—predicted 3 years ago

March 12, 2012

This video from May 2009 outlines exactly what Obama has done since his immaculation:

Sen. John Cornyn: Not enough votes to repeal Obamacare, so leave me alone

October 22, 2010

This summarizes the 10 minutes conversation I had with a Cornyn staffer in DC.
I will not vote for Cornyn again.

My health insurance premiums just went up 20% thanks to Obamacare.

September 23, 2010

If you work for the government or a large corporation, let’s see how much your premiums go up in January because of today’s new healthcare mandates for ALL insurance companies.   Folks, you can’t give someone a policy with no lifetime limits and mandated coverage of preventive procedures with no copay or deductible and expect any insurance company to leave their rates the same.   Remember insurance companies are businesses, not the government which can spend without limits, with the bill going to you and me taxpayer.

Hope the judge realizes the majority of Americans want Obamacare repealed

June 8, 2010

Do you really want a PA or NP taking care of your grandmother?

May 14, 2010

From  Sermo:

PA misdiagnosis – this is the future of medical care

86 yr old woman, previously in remarkably good health, physically and mentally active, still very involved in town government, cultural activities, the arts,etc, looks and acts ten to fifteen years younger than her age.  Seen as outpt by PA for new SOB and weakness (no appt. available with IM doc).  Diagnosed with pneumonia, despite no fever, no antecedent respiratory infection, placed on antibiotic and sent home.  Overnight developed increased SOB, ambulance to ED this AM, diagnosed with PE.

This is the wave of the future.  We would be better off training PAs and NPs to be technicians – in other words, proceduralists – than handing off to them the responsibility to think and diagnose.    The PA never did the five years of clinical training to be able to recognize a pulmonary embolus.  He hasn’t got the training to think that weakness, shortness of breath, decreased breath sounds, without fever or any upper respiratory symptoms, might be something other than pneumonia.

Expect a tsunami of similar cases.  There’s a reason why we go through all the years of training.

Here’s the kind of doctor you will see under Obamacare

May 13, 2010 Doctors Without Borders

by Emily Ramshaw and Matt Stiles
May 11, 2010

Enlarge graphic by: Matt Stiles, Jacob Villanueva

That’s right — they’re not from Texas. Newly licensed doctors enlisting to treat the state’s Medicaid and Medicare patients are more likely to have been trained at international medical schools, according to a review of state medical licensing data.

Of the roughly 1,500 doctors who have received fast-tracked licenses in the last three years in exchange for agreeing to treat the state’s neediest patients, nearly 40 percent were trained at international medical schools — everywhere from India and Mexico to Uzbekistan and Rwanda — while a quarter were trained at Texas medical schools. The Texas Medical Board fast-tracked more licenses for doctors trained in Pakistan than it did for those educated in Louisiana or Oklahoma. (Scroll over our interactive world map to see where these internationally trained doctors got their medical education.)

What nurses think of nurse practitioners and physician assistants–from a doctor’s website

May 10, 2010
Nurses don’t want to go to NP’s themselves!!

Recently I overheard several interesting coversations among nurses at work.  I work in academic settings as a med school faculty.  We also have a NP school in the area that rotate their students near us.

I overheard one of our ICU RN’s on the phone with her doctor’s office.  She said, “make sure I am scheduled with the MD, not one of his nurse practitioners or PA’s.”   And after she hung up, she turned around and told other nurses that she couldn’t believe the nerve of the doctor’s office, trying to set her up with one of the NP’s instead of the “real doctor,” when they knew that she is a nurse herself.

And I’ve caught very similar discussions among the nursing staff throughout the hospital.  I find that nurses by and large do not want to be seen by NP’s or PA’s.  They want to be seen by the MD/DO’s.

Go figure.

Did the healthcare bill strip the Congress of its health insurance?

April 14, 2010

Everyone in Congress ought to resign because of their ignorance and malpractice!