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Obama born in Kenya—-that is how he tried to sell a book in 1991

May 17, 2012

“Never mind.” Kenya restores statement that Obama was born in Kenya

April 17, 2010

Will we hear about Obama’s Arab slave trading ancestors in East Africa?

October 8, 2009

Ok,  after hearing several times about Michelle Obama’s slave roots  going  back to the 1800’s in the last 24 hours on every news show,  when are the mainstream press researchers going to tell us about Obama’s SLAVE TRADING ancestors in Africa on his father’s side?    Here’s a great American Thinker article from last year before the election that of course got no press.

And if research can be printed about Michelle’s ancestors to the 1800’s,   why can’t we see one simple long form birth certificate from 1961 for her husband?

Obama disses the Communist he campaigned for in Kenya

September 20, 2009

Before the election, I had a sign in my yard which was stolen by an Obamanut in a white Mercedes that said : “Google Obama + Kenya + Odinga”

Odinga was responsible for the death of hundreds of Christians after he did not win the election.   He is a known communist.   Kind of interesting that Obama does not want to be seen anywhere near Odinga now that his poll numbers are down.

Obama-Kenya-Odinga connection continues with “Egg of Power”

January 28, 2009

I had a homemade sign in my front yard last fall asking anyone who saw it to Google :  Obama + Kenya + Odinga.    An Obama Nut (in a Mercedes) stole my wonderful sign in broad daylight.

Here’s a great story on my favorite PUMA website, Hillbuzz on a keepsake Obama has in the Oval Office