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Still Kenyan born in 2003 while promoting Dreams from my Father

May 18, 2012

From Jack Cashill, who has proven Bill Ayers wrote Dreams from my Father:

Now everyone is posting this link which I have had on this blog for years:

Why the gay community in Chicago believes Obama is gay—get the “low-down”

March 6, 2012

I have been familiar with HillBuzz, a blog written by gay guys in Chicago who love both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.   HillBuzz has been writing about the stories of Obama showing up in the Boystown  community in Chicago—-and the contributors to the blog know personally what happens in Boystown.

Notably,   not one “old girlfriend” of Obama has ever surfaced.

Read these articles:

and listen to this audio from Kevin Dujan , editor of HillBuzz:

Then you can decide for yourself and wonder why Obama wants to keep this activity on the “low-down.”

And why were 2 gay members of Jeremiah Wright’s church murdered before Obama was elected?

How can it be that Stanley Dunham is welcoming Obama Sr to Hawaii in 1959?!!!!!!

July 21, 2011

Below is Stanley Dunham welcoming Senior to Hawaii.

Could someone please ask Obama to explain this photo—-why doesn’t the New York Times investigate Obama Sr and Obama Jr and give us the true “nativity” story?

Here is an essay from the Claremont Institute which includes a discussion of the likelihood that both Stanley and Madelyn Dunham were CIA operatives and likely Ann Dunham was as well.    The Claremont Institute is a well respected conservative organization and the essay is well worth reading.   One thing for sure is that we do not have the true story of Obama’s birth and upbringing.

Hat tip to Jack Cashill:


Jerome Corsi has declared that Obama was NOT born in Kenya

June 12, 2011                                                                                                                                                              However, I do not come to the same conclusions as Leo Donofrio, that is, that we now must declare as the incontrovertible truth that Obama was born in Hawaii.     My own  opinion after reading Corsi and Cashill is that there is a distinct possibility that Obama was born in either Washington state or across the border in Canada.   Obama Senior conveniently agreed to be listed as Obama’s father because a marriage to an American citizen and having an American citizen child gave the playboy senior Obama a better chance of  extending his visa to stay in the US and not be sent back to Kenya.    And nude photos of Stanley Ann Dunham that can be dated to around December 1960 in Hawaii make photographer Frank Marshall Davis a continued likely candidate for Obama’s  biological father.   Just look up the photos of Frank M. Davis and there is an undeniable similarity to the childhood photos of Obama junior.

Before you come to any conclusions/opinions about Obama’s heritage, you must read Jack Cashill’s  “Deconstructing Obama.”

Was Stanley Dunham Obama’s father?

February 8, 2010

This is a fascinating article by Jack Cashill at American Thinker.  Mr Cashill has essentially proven that Bill Ayers, and not Obama,  wrote “Dreams from my Father.”   Now this article hypothesizes that Stanley Ann may not have been Obama’s mother.   The reason Obama has that  Dunham  jaw (you must look at the family photo in the article) is that Obama was the offspring of a black Hawaiian prostitute and his  white “grandfather”  (who hung around the black community in Hawaii extensively.)     The other theory that has been around widely on the internet is that Frank Marshall Davis (the black communist) was Obama’s biological father.

Before you dismiss this article as written by another crazy birther,   read it through.  Jack Cashill is well respected and would not question Obama’s parentage without good cause and research.

OK, Obama has clearly lied about the extent Bill Ayers has been in his life since the 1980’s, including writing “Dreams”

October 8, 2009

Bill Ayers, after being thrown under the bus like Rev. Wright, now wants credit for writing ” Dreams. ”   American Thinker has 2 articles, relaying another episode where Bill Ayers states he wrote “Dreams”  and now wants the royalties.

“Andersen dedicates six pages to this story.  If true, his claim deserves attention for any number of reasons.  First, it reveals Obama to have been a shameless liar in his disavowal of Ayers during the campaign.  Second, it suggests a dangerously intimate relationship with a man whose hatred of the United States borders on the pathological.  And third, it makes a total sham out of the literary world’s anointment of Obama as “the best writer to occupy the White House since Lincoln,” the understanding on which the Obama genius myth is based.”

ADDENDA:    Jonah Goldberg on the issue:

When will Obama admit that Bill Ayers wrote “Dreams from my Father?”

September 29, 2009

Obama has maintained this fiction himself.  “I’ve written two books,” Obama told an audience of teachers in Virginia last year.  “I actually wrote them myself.”
Whether the mainstream media will remain silent on still another Obama scandal remains to be seen. But the journalistic standard of two sources has been met.
Addenda:  Why would Obama include “actually”  wrote them myself?    If you “actually” are the author of “Dreams”, why do you “actually” have to claim to be the author?

Bill Ayers protested at Purdue—love the hotdog bomb!

September 25, 2009

More protest against  than support for the Unrepentant Terrorist  at Purdue Univeristy (where Jack Cashill teaches).    Wonder if anyone on the “education” panel asked him about writing  “Dreams from My Father”  for Obama?

New Book will state Bill Ayers wrote Dreams from My Father

September 23, 2009

UPDATE:  Great summary article: Mr. Cashill’s  theory that Bill Ayers essentially wrote “Dreams” appears confirmed by an author who states all of Obama’s background notes/family interviews were given to Bill Ayers to write a polished book.   Even Michelle Obama confirms that Ayers wrote the book.

Mr. Obama:  YOU LIED about writing “Dreams!”

This is why it is easy for an intelligent person to clearly believe Obama is hiding  the information that would prove he is NOT a natural born citizen.