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Sarah Palin is a Facebook Friend of Orly Taitz

November 3, 2009

I am not sure how much importance to put on the fact that Sarah Palin has “accepted” Orly Taitz as a friend on Facebook.   Though everything important that Sarah has written since her resignation as governor has appeared on her Facebook page,  I would love to see her make a commitment about the Obama eligibility movement.     I don’t think politically she is ready to be labeled a “birther,”  but Sarah is full of surprises.

I loved Sarah’s response to Biden’s statement that the only thing Palin knows about energy is: “Drill, Baby Drill.”  Within hours Sarah had a comeback slogan:  “Hoffman, Baby, Hoffman!”

I consider Sarah and Orly as very committed to their principles and even if they differed on some issues, they could easily have a mutual admiration society.