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September 13, 2010

OK Republicans, Ann Coulter has done your research on anchor baby citizenship

August 4, 2010

EXCELLENT  article by Ann Coulter explaining the screwed-up history of anchor babies getting US citizenship.    Thank you, Ann!

Will America elect a 77 year old in 2012?

February 21, 2010

In case you did not hear, Ron Paul won the Presidential straw poll at CPAC yesterday with 31% of the vote with Romney second with 22%.   Half the people who voted were under 25, alot were college students who are obsessed with Ron Paul.  They are the same crowd that love Debra Medina.

I like  alot of things about Dr. Ron Paul, Texas congressman.  I agree with Ann Coulter’s answer at CPAC that she agrees with Ron Paul about everything except all his views on national security.    But you Ron Paul supporters who overwhelmed the Presidential straw poll at CPAC need to grow up and find the electable person who will replace Dr. Paul as head of the libertarians.      Dr. Paul will be 77 years old in 2012, and though it is admirable that so many under 25 support him, there is no way the American electorate is going to choose a Republican who is 77 years  old–a 77 year old Democrat would  not be elected either.

On another blog, a Ron Paul supporter bemoaned the fact that 3 Tea Party Republicans dared to challenge Dr. Paul in the Republican primary on March 2.   Why is that a bad thing, to have competition and let the people in Paul’s district decide who they want as their congressman?    The libertarians know if that Dr. Paul does not get re-elected to Congress in 2010, he will not be a viable presidential candidate in 2012.   Let us also remember that in the past, Ron Paul was in favor of term limits.

Everyone with any political sense knows a third party candidate in 2012 will just get Obama re-elected.   That was clearly  expressed at CPAC by many people.     I believe even the libertarians accept that fact.   Hopefully, Dr. Paul will not be another Ross Perot and will not run for president in 2012—-he will be held in the highest disdain if he takes votes away from a Republican candidate who will most certainly have a great chance to beat Obama or any Democrat candidate.

I would be ok with Ron Paul as the VP candidate, the older, wiser advisor to a younger president such as Dick Cheney was to Bush.   Ron Paul called for “tolerance” at least twice in his CPAC speech.     The conservatives and libertarians must come together.   The conservatives must support some of the economic principles of the libertarians, but the libertarians must accept the fact Ron Paul is never going to be elected POTUS.

Medina needs to reach out to mainstream and Tea Party Republican conservatives

February 9, 2010

.One note of warning, though:

“All three possible Republican candidates post broadly similar results among both Democrats and unaffiliated voters. However, Medina currently attracts only 62% of the GOP vote, well below the totals for Perry and Hutchison. With Medina as the nominee, 23% of GOP voters say they would either prefer a third-option or are undecided.”

If the young aggressive, Sarah Palin- hating Medina fans who call Palin a “new world order neocon” continue to dominate Debra Medina’s campaign,  Perry is going to win.

I got an email from a Medina campaign local organizer who answered my concerns with the statement that he really does not care for Salin Palin, but tries to keep that opinion to himself.    Unless Debra Medina and her fans embrace the Sarah Palin  supporting Republicans, I don’t see how she can win the Texas Republican primary.


This is good news for Medina, but she still can’t win unless she can woo some of those Sarah loving Perry Republicans.

Newt starting his 2012 campaign:”I am working with Obama, Sharpton & Duncan”

November 14, 2009

The biggest challenge for conservatives is getting the RNC and over the hill Republicans like Newt to understand we will NOT go moderate and play footsy with RINOS.   Conservatives will not settle for another McCain or someone like Newt who believes in global warming and is ready to compromise any of his conservative principles just to get elected.

Conservatives will not vote for people who brag about working with extreme leftists!  Go away, Newt!

Healthcare protestors arrested yesterday were all Code Pink, not conservatives

November 6, 2009

I watched the coverage of the Healthcare protestors on ABC, NBC, and CBS yesterday.   All three stated protestors were arrested outside Pelosi’s office.   What the mainstream media conveniently failed to report  was that all the arrested protestors  were from Code Pink, a liberal group who wants single payer healthcare and is upset that Obama/Pelosi healthcare bill  is not going far enough left with regards to healthcare reform.

All three networks gave the impression it was conservatives that were arrested.   Somehow I think this was not an oversight but quite purposeful to make it appear that the conservatives were out of control.

Obama at Texas A&M on Friday Oct. 16th-Young Conservatives to Protest

October 15, 2009

ADDENDA:  One of Obama’s invited guests is Kevin Johnson, who misused Americorps funds for personal use. When found out by the Inspector General Gerald Walpin, Obama summarily fired Walpin without cause:

I am afraid  Papa Bush just  does not get free speech.  He wrote a letter to the College Station newspaper a few days ago, basically asking the conservatives to be nice to Obama when he comes to Texas A&M  (so he can get a nice photo op at a conservative  Texas university).  Of course only the nice liberals will be invited into the closed door, invitation only speech.  Protest is only appropriate when leftists protest conservatives—it was totally ok for Papa Bush’s son  to be protested for 8 years, and his son continues to be vilified by Obama and his underlings.  But no hard feelings from the Bush family as  they honor the community organizer in chief.

Young Conservatives of Texas from several Texas colleges  are coming to Aggieland to peacefully protest our socialist/fascist POTUS who wants to impose severe  fines on young people for not having health insurance.  Several Tea Party groups plan to be in College Station on the 16th to protest as well.   The event on campus starts at 4:30 pm, but I have a feeling there will be several sites for protest all day in the College Station/Bryan area.


Republicans: Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way as We Drain the Swamp!

September 14, 2009

Here is a super great American Thinker article that portrays my feelings.    I so would have loved to have been in DC on Saturday.

I have called my Senators and Congressmen more than a dozen times in the last several months.   I still don’t think our elected officials understand the angst of the average American citizen.   I am particularly disappointed in Sen. Cornyn who failed to acknowledge at all the massive turnout for the  9-12 Tea Party March on Meet the Press or during his Republican Response.   His pablum that  “we agree with 80% and disagree with 20%” of the Democrat  healthcare legislation is ludicrous——Sen. Cornyn, have you read the unbelievable tax proposals in Sen.  Baucus’ bill?  Your response should have been: KILL THE BILL.

I fear a third party movement,   since the  previous  Republican support of Arlen Specter and Republican backing of  Charlie  Christ over  Mark Rubio in Florida   is angering conservatives and libertarians.

It should be noted that the Tea Party movement is blessed with many libertarians—-conservatives must unite with them to elect Republicans if for no other reason than to get rid of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker;  this country will be doomed to another Obama term if the Republicans don’t woo candidates  who will get libertarian support.  PLEASE, we don’t need a Ron Paul or Ross Perot on the ballot again.   And most of all , please John McCain, PLEASE JUST GO AWAY.

OK, It’s partisanship from here on out

February 14, 2009

Monica Crowley has been a wonderful addition to the McLaughlin Group–she almost balances out the  uber-irritating Eleanor Clift.   Somehow the Republicans got the idea that we conservatives were tired of partisan bickering and that we just wanted everyone in Congress to “just get along.”   WRONG!    We desperately want the Republicans to continue to fight the liberal Dems who are on their way to destroying our country with that horrific HR 1 stimulus bill.

Bipartisanship is the recipe of doom for the Republicans.  It’s partisanship all the way to the 2010 primaries.