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The White House wants to destroy Fox News/Fox Entertainment

October 20, 2009

You really should read Hayek’s   Road to Serfdom. It perfectly describes what is happening in this country–a Marxist/Fascist/Communist takeover, with Obama’s comrades going around praising Mao–Anita Dunn praised Mao’s philosophy at a high school graduation.   The indoctrination of our youth is accelerating as Obama’s poll numbers drop.

Obama feels that FOX must be defeated and discredited–The communists cannot let the real truth come out.


Obama disses the Communist he campaigned for in Kenya

September 20, 2009

Before the election, I had a sign in my yard which was stolen by an Obamanut in a white Mercedes that said : “Google Obama + Kenya + Odinga”

Odinga was responsible for the death of hundreds of Christians after he did not win the election.   He is a known communist.   Kind of interesting that Obama does not want to be seen anywhere near Odinga now that his poll numbers are down.