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“Dreams from My REAL Father”—must see video to complement “2016”

September 9, 2012

It is amazing to me how fact after fact about the Obama fairy tail family history is just ignored by old and new media alike, as well as most of the country.    Look at this photo from Obama’s Facebook page and the accompanying story with documentation of  poorly done photoshopping to the max:


Joel Gilbert has done extensive research into the REAL past of Obama and his family—he proves that Stanley Ann Dunham went to a Catholic school when her father was stationed in Lebanon in the 1950’s,  as well as explaining  numerous other confusing Obama factoids that  have been reported by numerous researchers, including the nude photos  of Obama’s mother that Frank Marshall Davis took  and then sold to porn magazines.

I encourage you to see “2016” and then buy the $12.99  “Dreams from My Real Father.”    If you are like the Republican delegates in Tampa who viewed Gilbert’s video,   you will be angry that so much is being ignored and/or hidden about Obama’s Socialist/Communist youthful indoctrination.    You decide who gets the story more factually:  D’Souza or Gilbert.

One thing that is striking when you view the Gilbert video:   Obama and Frank Marshall Davis have the EXACT same dental configuration—the smile is spookily identical when one looks at side by side photos of Obama and his REAL father.

Obama again lies, so more babies can die

March 6, 2012

A must see/hear video of a Catholic priest (who is a lawyer):


Craig James, please don’t waste your time running for Hutchison’s senate seat

March 7, 2011

Craig  James, ESPN commentator,  was on the Mark Davis radio show in Dallas this morning, stating he is considering running for the US Senate seat  soon to be vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison.   The  list of declared  candidates is  long—my favorite is Ted Cruz who is a well documented conservative who has served as Texas’ Solicitor General.

James started the conversation with Davis stating he will not go after Obama; he pledges to follow the Constitution and free market principles.

Sorry Craig, but we need a senator who will call out Obama as the socialist that he is well documented to be (read Kurtz’s book “Radical in Chief” to allay any doubts).   Did you not learn anything from the McCain debacle in 2008?

Obama is destroying this country and we need EVERY Republican to state that if he/she wants to be elected.

Lame Cherry explains Barry Soetoro becoming Barack Hussein Obama

September 26, 2009

I have to admit I don’t always completely understand everything written by LameCherry,  but he is a good researcher and has a flair for writing that is unique.

This post concerns the mysterious story of  Stanley Ann and Soetoro’s divorce decree becoming final on the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 1988.  That means a judge signed the decree when the courts  were closed for the holiday—what or who prompted a judge to do that?

It is worth reading the article but if you don’t have time, here is the addenda to the article:  (“No more Barry” refers to Barry Soetoro now assuming the name Barack Hussein Obama.)

The Soetoro divorce case did not terminate until 11/26/1988. Check the dates and you will discover that this was on Saturday of the Thanksgiving weekend. courts aren’t open on Sat. As there are no court fees I have to assume someone visited the judge at home and he signed and dated something that terminated the case. Someone needed that divorce finalized ASAP. Also, according to his sister Maya, “on Thanksgiving in 1988,”Obama told them “no more Barry.” If I were a betting person, I would wager that any request for amending his bc would be in 1988.

Initiation Date: 08-20-1980 Initiation Type: P Confidential Code: N
Initiator I.D.: A1530 Division: Court: F
Cause of Action: DIVORCE Nature of Action: 01018
Section Code:
Trial Type: Trial Judge: Court Costs: 0000000000
Consolidation Code:
Case Disposition: Case Termination: Case Termination Date: 11-26-1988
Orig. Agency: Lower Court Case:
Taxation Dist.: Tax Appeal Source:
Gen. Ex. Tax Amt.: 0000000000 Gen. Ex. Tax No.: Tax Key:
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