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Military Heroes: Boycott the Obamas on Independence Day!

July 1, 2012

Obama has been trying for years to lower the health benefits for our military–he wants everyone in the country pushed first into Obamacare and then a nationalized healthcare which has to include British style rationing, hurting our elderly and wounded the most.


Surprise, surprise, Obama wants to reduce military health benefits

February 27, 2012

Obama has been promising to trash Tricare since he was immaculated.  You liberals in the military are getting what you voted for, while  civilians employed by the military (that is, those in those protected unions) will not be affected.

So MANY reasons not to re-elect Obama…….

April 20, 2011





He’s back…..and I hope Leo Donofrio stays involved with the Obama eligibility issue

February 21, 2011

Why does the government constantly lie to the public?

December 19, 2010

Lt Colonel Terry Lakin: a man of courage

September 1, 2010

Tomorrow Sept 2 there will be an important military court proceeding where the judge will decide if Col. Lakin has the right to see Obama’s birth certificate to avoid going to prison at hard labor.   This military physician with an impeccable military record is putting everything on the line because he believes in our Constitution.

God bless him and his family, and bring wisdom to the judges who are involved in his court martial.


Miss Us Yet? God bless George and Laura

August 12, 2010

Time to impeach Obama:Executive Order to give all illegals amnesty

June 22, 2010

This is tyranny!

We need to listen to the great Thomas Sowell:

Why we need border security NOW:Somali terrorists are coming through Mexico

May 26, 2010

Texas asked for troops on the border over a year ago.   Gov. Perry has received no response from the Obama administration.   As I stated before,  it is going to take a major terrorist attack to wake up Obama and the rest of the leftists.

Please note that the 1200 national guard troops sent to the Arizona border are IMPOTENT.  They cannot aim one gun at illegals.   All  they will do is help with surveillance and administrative duties.  When will the mainstream media report the whole story?

Ignorant Anderson Cooper bullies Lt Col. Lakin and lawyer

May 12, 2010

Why are all these leftists afraid of the truth?  Mr. Cooper, you can’t handle the truth!!