We knew the shortform COLB was Photoshopped, can there be any doubt the long form BC is fraudulent as well?


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After downloading Barack Obama’s newly released long form birth certificate, and loading it in Adobe Acrobat to take a look, I noticed that the background and some miscellaneous text on the document loaded separately than the background image it is purportedly printed on. It seems the background image is a separate scan of safety paper, what birth certificates and checks are printed on. But after uploading into Adobe Illustrator, I found that is it a “built” or carefully constructed document containing many layers that the creator apparently forgot to “flatten”. The proof is in this video. I don’t claim to know WHY this was fabricated… furthermore, after reading new “birth certificate” it seems odd that the President wouldn’t have released this 2 years ago when asked as there is no information on it that he would have wanted or needed to keep from the public.

Another video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeSzXcv3nXk&feature=related

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