What nurses think of nurse practitioners and physician assistants–from a doctor’s website

Nurses don’t want to go to NP’s themselves!!

Recently I overheard several interesting coversations among nurses at work.  I work in academic settings as a med school faculty.  We also have a NP school in the area that rotate their students near us.

I overheard one of our ICU RN’s on the phone with her doctor’s office.  She said, “make sure I am scheduled with the MD, not one of his nurse practitioners or PA’s.”   And after she hung up, she turned around and told other nurses that she couldn’t believe the nerve of the doctor’s office, trying to set her up with one of the NP’s instead of the “real doctor,” when they knew that she is a nurse herself.

And I’ve caught very similar discussions among the nursing staff throughout the hospital.  I find that nurses by and large do not want to be seen by NP’s or PA’s.  They want to be seen by the MD/DO’s.

Go figure.

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