Texas in state tuition for illegals law hinders US citizenship

The great state of Texas passed a law ( HB 1403)  in 2001 that gave in state tuition status to illegal students who graduated from a Texas high school .   Part of the deal was that the illegal students must sign an affidavit that they would begin the process of obtaining permanent resident status (from the federal and not the state standpoint).

However federal immigration law requires that if one is in the US illegally, one must return to his country of origin and start the process and get in a very long “waiting” line, and you must have a US citizen (a relative) sponsor you through an I-30 Form.

So the Texas law is simply encouraging illegals to stay illegal as they  study in state universities at Texas taxpayer expense.   The students can never become citizens under present law.   Only the DREAM ACT will make them citizens and the illegals will never go through the long and expensive process of becoming a citizen as other immigrants who have waited 10 to 20 years to be a proud citizen of the United States of America.




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