Texas should not offer in-state tuition to illegals when there is an 18 billion dollar state deficit


Please support the Aggies Against In State Tuition for Illegal Aliens.

The great state of Texas has an insane policy of allowing illegal aliens to  attend state universities—there is even a separate application for persons “without a social security number”.   So illegals are matriculated, given in-state tuition while charging the students of our neighbor states the much higher out of state tuition, and then when given that nifty Texas diploma, the illegals cannot apply to law school, medical school or most jobs because DUH, YOU ARE NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN!

Gov. Perry is responsible for signing this law and still supports in state tuition for illegals and does NOT support the new Arizona law.   No matter how many Texas lawmakers introduce bills similar to Arizona, we likely will have a governor in January who won’t sign the bill.   Gov. Perry needs to hear from Texans how wrong he is on this issue.

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