Obama quickly decides to go to Louisiana after Drudge posts article about sex scandal


The National Enquirer now has journalistic cred after outing John Edwards, for which it was nonimated for a Pulitzer.   Drudge has enough faith in the Enquirier to post their article prominently on his website.  Vera Baker was prominent in Obama’s campaign and there were reports that when Michelle found out about Vera, she was banished to a Caribbean island with photos there hinting she might be pregnant.  The question not yet answered is whether Vera is back—do you remember a few weeks ago when Obama disappeared for 2 or 3 hours with the excuse he was going to one of his daughter’s soccer game?   But wait, the mainstream press even reported that there was no Sidwell Friends soccer game played during the time Obama was “absent.”    Does the Enquirer have some proof that Obama has continued his affair?  Could there possibly be a baby involved?

Awfully interesting that the Enquirer posts article about an Obama affair on Friday evening and suddenly Obama changes his plans and hurriedly plans a trip to Lousiana, just in time to miss the White House Correspondents’ Dinner?

Inquiring minds need to know!!

WHITE HOUSE: No Gulf trip planned for Obama...

**UPDATE: Obama Plans Urgent Trip To LA Coast...

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