Hurrah for Neal McDonough

I always liked this actor; now I like him much much more!

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No Sex Please, I’m Neal McDonough…

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neal mcdonough


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One Response to “Hurrah for Neal McDonough”

  1. kellyhillproductions Says:

    I agree I have always liked him but now I respect him. No matter who they are; when an actor stands up and says NO to Hollywood I give them kudos. You have to know that there will most likely be lashback. Tom Selleck went through the same thing over guns and gun control.

    Don’t misunderstand for the most part I feel Hollywood should do whatever they want; the public will vote eventually and tell them that we will not tolerate biased views. I want to hear all sides but unfortunately Hollywood isn’t about that.

    So again standing ovation for Neal McDonough.

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