Donate to the Leadership Institute first:

The Leadership Institute is a thrifty Arlington, Virginia based conservative  educational organization trying to reach out and educate our college age sons and daughters to disabuse them of all the leftists lies that are intrinsic in our universities.   LI is telling all these students, soon to hopefully be employees, that Obama is destroying their future standard of living.  In particular, with Obamacare now the law of the land, health insurance premiums  for young working adults will likely DOUBLE  or more by next year because of the mandates, including the much touted under 27 year olds must be allowed to stay on their parents insurance.  Economics 101 (which should be required of all college students) tells us that you can’t ask insurance companies to take on more risks and definitely more claims to pay,  without  the cost being passed on to the customers, the policy holders.  Hard working young people (those not needing to stay on a parent’s policy) are getting screwed under Obamacare and unfortunately most don’t yet know  how Obama has betrayed them.

I still don’t trust the GOP leadership.  My suggestion is to give to your local and state candidates whom you know are solid conservatives.   Probably too much money is going to Dr. Dan Benishek and not enough to other worthy conservative candidates.   If there is a PAC I would trust, it would be Sarah Palin’s


I have never been a big proponent of donating to politicians, but I believe this year is an exception—we have to elect Republicans to get rid of Pelosi and to repeal the abomination of the new healthcare law.

But your money will be best spent donating to  an organization like  the Leadership Institute which is trying to educate that very important 18 to 34 demographic which will be crucial to elect reliable conservative Republican candidates in November.


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