What your doctor won’t tell you: Birth control pills cause breast cancer



Young women, you are increasing your risk for breast cancer if you take the birth control pill before completing a  full term pregnancy.     This statement is not politically correct to state in this country, so the medical data continues to be ignored.    I have my copy of the Mayo Clinic article from 2006 quoted in the American Thinker article, and I was shocked to see in writing that the IARC, an international agency had declared the birth control pill was a CARCINOGEN.

But the powers that be won’t let the word get out that the pill is bad for young women in particular.  How many teens do you know that have been put on the pill to “regulate their periods.”     Have you ever seen a study of the incidence of breast cancer in women who started on the pill in their teens and/or have long term use of the pill?

Women have every right to take the pill, but when will doctors and federal health officials tell us the politically incorrect TRUTH that oral contraceptives undoubtedly increase the risk of breast cancer?


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