Why do leftists and libertarians both despise Sarah Palin?

I swear I won’t go back to the Debra Medina Facebook page.   You have to be a fan to comment and I believe alot of those fans (less than 18,000) may not be Medina voters.  Today,  with all the hullabaloo about Medina’s poor performance on Glenn Beck,  I guess the fans had battered Glenn Beck thoroughly, including painting his face like the Obama Joker.  Now they are bashing Sarah again, including saying that she wants another 9-11 Commission, implying she is a truther.   But of course Debra Medina is not a truther.

The same sort of discussion has been going on on the Rand Paul Facebook page, so I must conclude libertarians despise Sarah Palin as much as the leftists.  All you libertarians out there, could you please tell me what Sarah Palin has done besides endorsing Perry that would make you want to lose the Medina  election rather than just keep quiet and not alienate the Palin voters you now more than ever need desperately to win?


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2 Responses to “Why do leftists and libertarians both despise Sarah Palin?”

  1. clay barham Says:

    What you are seeing is a movement back toward the 19th century Democrats, the only truly functioning libertarian party in America that followed Jefferson and Madison, unlike modern Democrats who prefer Rousseau and Marx, when the people do not. See The Changing Face of Democrats on Amazon and claysamerica.com.

  2. politicaldoc Says:

    I have not read your suggestions yet, but if you are saying that the libertarians are like Jefferson and Madison, do you mean that Jefferson and Madison would despise citizens such as Sarah Palin?

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