Debra Medina just on the Wells Report radio

I listened to Debra for over 30 minutes with a lot of excuses, from technical difficulties to an odd statement that she wasn’t give time to prepare like she did for the debates.   The implication is that she should have been given the questions she would be asked by Glenn Beck in advance.  She also said 9-11 was 7 years ago and I am sure others will pick up on that mistake.   Another odd implication that all her FB fans are screaming and she stated on the radio is that what happened in NYC on 9-11-01 has nothing to do with Texas.

A caller named Glen (who is known to call in to almost every conservative radio program in Texas) asked the question many have:   It was a yes/no answer, why didn’t you just say NO and then add caveats if you must.

To paraphrase Glenn Beck’s question:  Do you believe the Bush Administration was involved in killing 3000 American citizens?  If any Texan, Republican, Democrat or Libertarian, does not summarily answer NO,  he/she is not going to be elected Governor of the great state of Texas.

Mr. Wells’ conclusion about all this brouhaha was the same as mine:  Debra Medina is not a politician.


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