Glenn Beck finally gets it partly right about Texas Gov. Rick Perry

I know alot of people like Glenn Beck, but last week he was praising Gov. Rick Perry of Texas and this week Glenn is calling him a phony and a “progressivist.”

You conservatives backing Perry need to give Debra Medina a look:


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2 Responses to “Glenn Beck finally gets it partly right about Texas Gov. Rick Perry”

  1. Nik Says:

    Glenn Beck is an idiot if he thinks Perry is a “progressive.” Everyone in the entire Republican Party would be that way, then, even Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater.

  2. politicaldoc Says:

    I don’t think Perry is progressive, but like other Texas policiticians including Sen. Cornyn, Perry lurches to the right when election time rolls around, and then votes to help his re-election, and doesn’t always vote for the best interests of Texas. Both Perry & Cornyn have presidential aspirations and they will pander to Democrats to get to the White House.

    I personally don’t care that much for Glenn Beck–too many way crazy ideas.

    IMO, Joe Barton, Pete Sessions, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Cornyn have been paid by the taxpayers too long and need tocome back to Texas and find a real private sector job.

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