Debra Medina: Please tell us what you think about Sarah Palin

You Sarah bashing Medina fans are going to lose the election for Medina. You need to think political strategy and try to recruit Medina voters, not insult the Medina voters who also like Sarah Palin.   Sarah has almost 1.3 million Facebook Fans—why don’t you try to woo some of those fans by showing them how why they should vote Medina if they have strong conservative/libertarian values?

My money to Medina is a waste if her Facebook page is filled with vitriol against Sarah. Please tell the Medina campaign to put a statement regarding Sarah bashing if Debra wants to have any chance of winning. If Debra becomes Texas Governor, she will have a good friend in Sarah Palin. If Debra comes out against Sarah, she may lose my vote and many other critical potential Medina voters.

As I said in another post, I think Sarah Palin was reaching out to Medina voters when she invoked Medina’s home town of Beeville twice during the Perry rally yesterday in Houston.   I think the Palin people realize what a great pro-life, strong Texas woman Debra Medina is.

Debra, step up to the plate and tell your fans that criticizing Sarah Palin is not going to help you become the next Texas Governor.

Medina fans need to stop bashing other Medina fans, or those “other” Medina fans are going to stay home on March 2.


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5 Responses to “Debra Medina: Please tell us what you think about Sarah Palin”

  1. Todd Says:

    The great things about social networking is that everyone gets a chance to speak up. However, the canidates cannot be held accountable for everything their supporters say. They would be in constant apology mode if that were the case.

  2. politicaldoc Says:

    Debra Medina posts on “her” Facebook page. This is not a site run by someone else. She does not need to apologize, but she needs to provide leadership. She has little chance to win her race if she appears to agree with her Sarah bashing fans by remaining silent. No one wants to be individually insulted on Debra Medina’s Facebook page after he/she has donated money to her campaign.

    Do you realize the power Debra would have by simply acknowledging the policies/conservative values that she shares with Sarah Palin? Only such a bold positive political strategy will get Debra Medina elected Texas Governor

  3. Todd Says:

    I can agree with your last statement.

  4. Nik Says:

    Debra Medina is a RINO. I don’t trust her at all.

  5. politicaldoc Says:

    Nik, I don’t completely disagree with you, since Medina is much more libertarian in the Ron Paul tradition and won’t support any Republican candidate that the Republican machine picks if that person veers greatly from her small government, pro-life principles. I trust Medina a thousand times more than most people in the Republican Party. I do trust Dr. Michael Burgess as a congressman fighting for my values–he is an exception.

    I think you could say most Texas libertarians are RINOs—remember the Tea Party Movement is quite fed up with Republicans as well as Democrats. They have booed Cornyn and Joe Barton

    It is not the party that counts, but the conservative principles you support AND VOTE FOR.

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