Sarah was great in Nashville–give her a break you Medina fans.

Watching Sarah at the Tea Party and on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace,  I am able to put aside my sadness that she is endorsing Perry instead of Debra Medina for Texas Governor.    She is a loyal person to her friends; that explains her campaigning for Perry and McCain.

I ask the Debra Medina fans (and those who like me wish McCain would go away) to be just a little more open minded and not condemn Sarah as a traitor.   Sarah emphasized in her speech and interview that she wants to campaign for  conservative values and welcomes conservative competition in the primaries.

Sarah has come a LONG way from that Katie Couric interview.    She is articulate and feisty and obviously trying to educate herself.   After I watched Medina at the Houston Sovereignty Symposium, invoking Bastiat, The Federalist Papers, and the Anti-Federalists Papers (yes, these  papers exist),  I was totally blown away by her emotion and passion that compelled her to get a tutor to help her learn as much about government and the history of government as she could prior to announcing her run for  Governor of Texas.  Debra Medina would obviously be a much better Texas Governor than either Perry or Hutchison.    Texas desperately needs Debra Medina and more Texans like her.

Sarah and Debra share a passion for their country and respective home states, and a passion to educate themselves so they can help turn America and Texas back on the right track.   Despite  having views that you personally disagree with, they both deserve your support as American patriots.


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2 Responses to “Sarah was great in Nashville–give her a break you Medina fans.”

  1. dbmarker Says:

    Sarah Palin NOT.
    Debra Medina is the real deal!!

  2. politicaldoc Says:

    You Sarah bashing Medina fans are going to lose the election for Medina. You need to think political strategy and try to recruit Medina voters, not insult the Medina voters who also like Sarah Palin.

    My money to Medina is a waste if her Facebook page is filled with vitriol against Sarah. Please tell the Medina campaign to put a statement regarding Sarah bashing if Debra wants to have any chance of winning. If Debra becomes Texas Governor, she will have a good friend in Sarah Palin. If Debra comes out against Sarah, she will lose my vote and many other critical potential Medina voters.

    Medina fans need to stop bashing other Medina fans or those “other” Medina fans are going to stay home on March 2.

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