Why do the Democrats want to punish doctors?


People are going to be shocked when doctor after doctor throws in the Medicare towel–thousands have been threatening for years to no longer take new Medicare patients.  If the healthcare bill gets signed into law and Queen Sebilius will have “godly” (or maybe I should say ungodly) powers to ration  care to seniors, it will be way too late to stop the destruction of Medicare.   The Democrats may close the infamous “donut hole”, but there will be far fewer doctors to prescribe medications anyway.

I have said this numerous times:  Obama highly resents physicians and is planning to eliminate primary care doctors.   He wants nurse practitioners and physician assistants to provide all primary care.   No offense to either NP’s or PA’s, but when a senior citizen gets really sick, he/she needs a doctor.  But maybe that is the overriding plan:  seniors will die due to lack of physician care; and Obama will thus have his death panels.


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