I won’t contribute to Mike Ross’s opponent–I will contribute to Curnock to get rid of Chet Edwards

Presumably to assure re-election, Rep. Mike Ross of Arkansa was one of the 39 Democrats who voted against the monstrous Pelosi healthcare bill.    I truly believe if Ross had not been harassed at townhalls in August and by  Arkansas conservatives this last week, he would have gone along with Pelosi and voted for the healthcare bill.   I was prepared to send money to any conservative who ran against Mike Ross next year, but now I won’t.

Instead I will double my contribution to Rob Curnock who is the presumed Republican candidate against Chet Edwards in 2010.   Pelosi’s pet was given a pass to vote against the bill and every conservative in his conservative Texas district knows he only voted NO because he realized long ago a YES vote would be a death sentence for re-election.

For we pro-lifers, we will remember Mr. Edwards voted NO for the Stupak pro-life amendment.  Mr. Edwards  is pro-abortion and his district is majority pro-life—–let’s see how many constituents remember that  1 year from now.



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