Sorry Newt, you still don’t get it

Just heard Newt Gingrich on Hannity.    Instead of a strong mea culpa to the conservatives who have admired and supported him for years, he did not apologize for the fiasco that his endorsement of Schizzofava caused.   Instead, he blamed everything on the bad information he was given from  the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee headed by Rep.  Pete Sessions.)   Furthermore, he stated to get rid of Pelosi as speaker, the Republican candidates had to “please” both moderate and conservative Republicans.  Sorry again Newt,  but the big tent hogwash is not going to work anymore with conservatives who were severely burned by McCain.

And do remember that Newt filmed a commercial with Nancy Pelosi and believes whole-heartedly in global warming–he thinks this is the path to the presidency.

Passing the buck is not presidential—Newt, be like McArthur and just fade away—you are a tired old soldier who has forgotten the meaning of being a true conservative.


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