Maybe my call to Rep. Pete Sessions did some good.

Heard Pete Sessions on the radio this am with Mark Davis in Dallas–now Pete is backtracking and supporting Doug Hoffman after polls show Scozzafava dropping in the polls.

I have lost respect for Pete Sessions, Michael Steele, and New Gingrich—-they put the Republican Party before conservative principles and conservatives did not let them get away with this, no matter who wins NY #23 on Tuesday.


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2 Responses to “Maybe my call to Rep. Pete Sessions did some good.”

  1. euandus Says:

    I suspect that the evangelical dominance in the Republican Party will result in the party being relegated to a third party. I wonder if we may see a shift from the two parties we have known? I have posted on this at

    You might be interested in this article:

  2. politicaldoc Says:

    The present Republican leadership needs to resign (Steele, Gingrich, etc). The conservatives are now the majority in the Republican grassroots—RINO’s in the leadership are a huge hindrance and need to leave and make their own “moderate” party if they cannot take the lead of the conservatives (40% of all Americans call themselves conservative).

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