Alan Keyes debates Obama in 2004

The clip where Keyes says to Obama “You are not even a natural born citizen”  and Obama replies “It does not matter because I am running for senator, not the presidency.”  has been scrubbed from the internet.

Anyone who still has that clip could probably sell it for significant change.


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2 Responses to “Alan Keyes debates Obama in 2004”

  1. politicaldoc Says:

    Why do you persist, smrstrauss–do you work for Obama?
    No one at Yale or in Congress can define natural born citizen. Even the Constitution does not give a definition.
    Obama should quit all this BS and let Hawaii release all of his vault records.

  2. politicaldoc Says:

    I just got a copy of my original birth long form birth certificate. Obama can request his long form BC–gimme a break—he’s the POTUS! All original Hawaiian BC’s exist and are maintained at a significant expense. Just email Okubo.
    He is stopping Hawaii to the point personnel are breaking laws to cover up for him.

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