Obama at Texas A&M on Friday Oct. 16th-Young Conservatives to Protest


ADDENDA:  One of Obama’s invited guests is Kevin Johnson, who misused Americorps funds for personal use. When found out by the Inspector General Gerald Walpin, Obama summarily fired Walpin without cause:


I am afraid  Papa Bush just  does not get free speech.  He wrote a letter to the College Station newspaper a few days ago, basically asking the conservatives to be nice to Obama when he comes to Texas A&M  (so he can get a nice photo op at a conservative  Texas university).  Of course only the nice liberals will be invited into the closed door, invitation only speech.  Protest is only appropriate when leftists protest conservatives—it was totally ok for Papa Bush’s son  to be protested for 8 years, and his son continues to be vilified by Obama and his underlings.  But no hard feelings from the Bush family as  they honor the community organizer in chief.

Young Conservatives of Texas from several Texas colleges  are coming to Aggieland to peacefully protest our socialist/fascist POTUS who wants to impose severe  fines on young people for not having health insurance.  Several Tea Party groups plan to be in College Station on the 16th to protest as well.   The event on campus starts at 4:30 pm, but I have a feeling there will be several sites for protest all day in the College Station/Bryan area.



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  1. Justin Pulliam Says:

    Gig ’em!

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