New York Times on Obama’s visit to Texas A&M University

Mr. Pulliam, the leader of the Young Conservatives, was raised on a 100-acre cattle spread near the North Texas city of Sherman. He counts 90 followers paying $20 for an annual membership, which includes a maroon T-shirt depicting the school mascot, a purebred collie, Reveille, and the slogan “Don’t Tread on Me.”

Believing his fellow students have lost their conservatism to a mix of apathy and professorial indoctrination, he has planned a rally for Friday afternoon involving costumes like Dr. Obama (a jab at the president’s stance on health care), the Grim Reaper (a less subtle jab on the same topic), and Uncle Sam (?).

But he has little control over the nonstudent groups, the likes of the Tea Party chapters of Dallas and Houston, that have announced plans to join his protest. Though he submitted a request for space across from the auditorium, Mr. Pulliam anticipates being pushed across campus.

“It seems that maybe the university administration,” he said, “has been letting the White House be their main client.”

Rick Rojas contributed reporting.

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