Mayo Clinic losing money on Medicare/Medicaid–will limit number of patients,0,5171753.story

Doctors and hospitals will never survive on Obamacare if rates are mandated at the present Medicare level.  Mayo Clinic has instituted a $55 additional facility fee for private patients to make up for the loss every time they see a Medicare or Medicaid patient.  Obama showed his complete ignorance about government healthcare when he went around praising the Mayo and Cleveland Clinics.  A doctor or clinic has to have unbelievably low OVERHEAD expenses to make it on Medicare reimbursement, not fancy offices, EMR’s and expensive equipment.

I have seen several smug comments today that everyone should just be on Medicare, including a really naive statement by Arkansas Blue Dog Mike Ross. He’s in Congress and he does not understand there is a $37 trillion unfunded liability in Medicare NOW, without the ridiculous utopian idea that the whole country can just be on Medicare.

There will be far fewer doctors and hospitals if Obamacare passes.    And quality of healthcare will diminish greatly. Be careful what you wish for.


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