Obama: Mysteries abound with Muslim/Saudi connections


There are all kinds of theories on the internet regarding Obama; the theories are there because Obama will reveal nothing about his life from kindergarten to presidency. Is communist Frank Marshall Davis really his father?  Could paternity be from Malcolm X?  Why are there nude photos (I have seen them and they appear legitimate) of his mother, purportedly taken in Davis’ apartment?   Why is there so much on the web about his grandparents being communists, possible double agents?  To paraphrase Churchill, Obama is truly a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an engima.

The one theory that appears quite likely to me:   The Saudis paid for Obama’s Columbia and Harvard Law expenses.


Why would Obama  bow to the Saudi King, showing almost reverence?  http://blogsforvictory.com/images/bow.png

Here is a screenshot, with King Abdullah’s line of sight illustrated.

That, my friends, is all you need to see. That was a bow. Obama bowed roughly 10-12 inches lower than the King’s eyes, much more than necessary if it were only to aid in the grasping of his hands. So the excuse by the White House is laughable.


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