Do you want to lose your HSA, FSA and Medicare Advantage plan?

Please read this CATO article about what will happen to your insurance plans if this horrid Democrat healthcare bill goes through.   I will lose my HSA and most likely my healthcare premiums will go up and  not down, and I won’t have the benefits I want.  I want my HSA to continue!!!

Medicare Advantage will be gutted and simply disappear for those 10 to 11 million of seniors presently on those plans.

Because  it will be 3 to 5 years before this new healthcare overhaul comes into fruition, except for the taxes which start next year, the Democrats will attempt to get Obama re-elected before the masses realize how much they have lost in benefits, how more intrusive Big Brother Government will direct their lives;   and liberty and freedom will have been lost.

Please call your congressmen and senators and tell them to vote against the Democrat Healthcare debacle.


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