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” The hearing was postponed by nearly a month. During this month something happened. At October 5 hearing Judge Carter sounded as a completely different person. He did not sound as a brave Marine any more. He sounded scared, intimidated by somebody or something. He was trying to find ways to dump this case on another court- like DC court, drag his feet by telling us to plead the case again or   dismiss on technicality- claiming no one has standing.

I poured my heart out for over an hour, and at least he didn’t come up with a negative decision right then and there, but I am concerned. We had a clear deal back in July. If Judge Carter makes a 180 degrees turn now and rules for Obama and does not give me expedited discovery and hearing on the merits as he repeatedly promised during the July 13 hearing, then I and my clients were defrauded by the court.  Then there is no system of justice for the citizens of this country.”

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