Will we hear about Obama’s Arab slave trading ancestors in East Africa?

Ok,  after hearing several times about Michelle Obama’s slave roots  going  back to the 1800’s in the last 24 hours on every news show,  when are the mainstream press researchers going to tell us about Obama’s SLAVE TRADING ancestors in Africa on his father’s side?    Here’s a great American Thinker article from last year before the election that of course got no press.


And if research can be printed about Michelle’s ancestors to the 1800’s,   why can’t we see one simple long form birth certificate from 1961 for her husband?


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3 Responses to “Will we hear about Obama’s Arab slave trading ancestors in East Africa?”

  1. Perez Christina Says:

    So, what is he is an arab?

    Is it a crime to be an arab?

  2. alaskanangle Says:

    There is no birth certificate, and if there were, far more intrigue would abound regarding The Bama’s daddy and any slave trading ancestral linkage thought to be. This is a President who wants NO MORE of his past revealed than was mentioned in his two autobiographies.

    Michelle’s expose on her lineage are probably unused notes from her Princeton thesis. Words are like airline miles to these two, the more they say, the farther they go; like Copenhagen.

  3. politicaldoc Says:

    Nothing wrong with being an Arab. Big problem is when you are POTUS and hide everything in your past, particularly connections to Islam, and then you celebrate Ramadan in the White House while kicking the Christian Prayer Breakfast off the schedule

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