When will Judge Carter rule on Motion to Dismiss in Barnett vs. Obama?

A full blown war has broken out between Donofrio and the Orly Taitz  followers.    Leo has a scathing attack on John Charlton in his comment thread ( I will no longer link to NBC).     As another commentor stated, one is either a dualer or a birther in the Obama eligibility issue.   Leo trusts everything will work out for the best if the law is followed.   But I would guess the majority of America citizens following this issue believe we are in big trouble with Obama’s administration because Obama’s compadres don’t think the law applies to them.   We can’t trust that the Attorney General of the United States will enforce the law.    Laws mean nothing if they are not enforced fairly.

I plan to expand on this topic later.   For now I wish everyone trying to prove that Obama is a usurper the best of luck and God’s guidance.


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4 Responses to “When will Judge Carter rule on Motion to Dismiss in Barnett vs. Obama?”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Leo is a very sharp guy if not a genius. However, he puts 100% faith in the correct and strict interpretation of the law. As if the judges are bound by ironclad morality to take their oath to uphold the Constitution and faithfully and accurately interpret the law. Instead they are hell-bent to protect the defendant, for politically correct or other reasons, and don’t give a rat’s ass about the Constitution. Therefore, Leo’s belief in upholding the law is idealistic.

    With regard to Barnett, he is right that the judge will dismiss the case. However, the whole case is not Quo Warranto. So the judge could dismiss the QW part and go forward with the rest, if he had a sense of morality. Nevertheless, it seems that he is ready to dismiss it all.

  2. politicaldoc Says:

    Leo is brilliant, but quirky, and the last 24 hours he
    has been too abrasive and egotistical. You can only use the “Italian” excuse so far. I think his readers will turn away if he continues to badmouth anyone who disagrees with him. Notwithstanding all that, I hope his legal tack bears fruit in Hawaii. If he can show that Obama lied about his birth certificate, at the very least it will make it hard for Obama to get re-elected. So GOOD LUCK, Leo.

  3. Dennis Says:

    Yes he is making good progress with DoH. It is unfortunate that there is no teamwork among the bc and nbc attorneys. Although he says he tried to help Orly. They are all prima donnas. Orly could have been more polite as well when rejecting Leo’s suggestion for deposing congressional members.

    By the way, do you know what is the significance that Orly and Kreep want to separate the procedures (Barnett) and the judge said no? Why is the judge doing it, just to save time? It seems that it is not fair to the plaintiffs.

  4. politicaldoc Says:

    Orly and Kreep have different theories as to how to approach the Obama eligibility issue—Orly wrote something on her blog weeks ago–I don’t go to her blog bc it always has a malware warning. She did say Kreep went out of town right before an important hearing and returned the day of the hearing; that he was not helpful and more concerned with raising money through his Justice Foundation.
    It would be nice if these attorneys could work with each other, but each seems set in his/her way. Public criticism of a fellow attorney is not helping to get to the truth about Obama.

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