John Charlton rebuffed by Donofrio

If you go to the latest Donofrio comment thread, a humble and polite John Charlton is asking earnest questions of Leo and Leo rebuffs him:  “…….should you (Charlton) prevail on that issue, you will have torn the Constitution in half………Until…..we have nothing further to discuss Mr. Charlton  snip”

In my humble opinion, the Constitution has already been torn in half because we have  a usurper in office as POTUS  who has declared he was a British citizen at birth,  and no judge, no elected official,  no constitutional authority from academia ,  will stand up and will call Obama what he is, a usurper who has lied and hidden his past from the American people.   And  we  the people have no rights under the Constitution unless we find the magic wand to tackle a bizarre system of law and “precedents”,  with road block after road block designed by lawyers (not the Constitution).    We the people do not like playing  perverse games while Obama destroys the America  we love.

Obama has denigrated the Constitution as a list of  negatives he despises.   He is a constitutional lawyer who hates the Constitution and has shown he will flout the Constitution every chance he gets until he leftist dream is enacted.


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