Wednesday Donofrio Posting and Leo’s opinion of Chris Matthews

  1. beyond baffled Says:

  2. RE: On Chris Matthews (maybe not what you want but curious none the less)

    [ed. Chris Matthews is a liar. Orly makes it easy for them with her consistently off topic allegations and her willingness to appear on comedy shows etc. She is willing to allow jokes to be made by granting access to comedians. She is easy fodder and no wonder the media would rather speak to her and label her as the leader of the eligibility movement. She’s not my leader. Is she yours?

    But the fact remains, Chris Matthews lied through his teeth by asserting that the Constitution defines “natural born citizen”. This was pure propaganda.

    I don’t imagine what this smirking dog Matthews feels like as he fetches the bones of his overlord masters. A man sold and beholden to other men is not a man. He is a dog. Chris Mathews is a beholden dog on his knees crawling for a pat on his doggy belly from his masters. He is a liar and a fraud and his ilk will be replaced by truth tellers and men filled with courage and human independence.

    Chris Matthews would not last 30 seconds with me in a the ring of a debate. He would be exposed so harshly that his own sense of purpose would forever be diminished exponentially. He is personification of the viral media illness of propaganda this nation
    now faces.]


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