The Townhall Anger Has Not Subsided

If Reid & Pelosi ram the healthcare bill with political tricks , collusion, and downright fraud, the American people are not going to  forget come election time in 2010.   50 to 60% of the voting population do not want Obamacare, particularly do not want the public auction.

Now Pelosi is mentioning the value added tax to pay our debts.   A VAT will definitely break the promise of no new taxes under $250,000, since the VAT would  affect every person in America who buys anything.

October 5, 2009 By REID J. EPSTEIN

Anthony Tolda, a financial consultant

Photo credit: Pablo Corradi | Anthony Tolda, a financial consultant who lives in Huntington, becomes upset at Steve Israel’s answer to his question during the town hall meeting on health care reform at Suffolk County Community College on Monday. (Oct. 5, 2009)


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