Judge Land “counseled” by AG Eric Holder in Georgia?


Orly Taitz has been very busy with her cases in Georgia and California.    She is asking for Judge Land in Georgia to recuse himself from the Captain Connie Rhodes case for a variety of reasons.   But the most interesting is a sighting of  Attorney General Eric Holder spotted in the coffee shop across from the courthouse when Orly’s case regarding Major Stephan Cook was being heard.    Now, what other reason might Eric Holder have to show up in Columbus Georgia the same day as an important case regarding Obama eligibility was being heard?

Additionally, Orly is asking for a trial by jury for the threatened $10,000 sanction by Judge Land.   I love this woman’s spunk.

ADDENDA from John Charlton:

  1. I’d appreciate any link to any photo of Eric Holder on July 16th, 2009. Reports from the prior days saying where he was going to be, and reports afterwards saying where he was, without photos,* can be balanced as the readers thinks best with this affidavit.

    I remind readers that Columbus, GA is in the Eastern time-zone: and this letter appears to speak of an incident prior to 10 AM Eastern daylight time on that day. There is a military airport 15 minutes from the Columbus Federal Court house.

    Do the math, do the research…discover…

    * Links to either kinds of reports are irrelevant to the issue here. We are looking for verifiable evidence; human testimony. The above affidavit is of 4 witnesses who were within 8-20 ft of the man.

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10 Responses to “Judge Land “counseled” by AG Eric Holder in Georgia?”

  1. Dina Says:

    Spunk? Or stupidity? Holder was in California. Easily verified on the internet. Photos and everything.

    Wonder what the judge will think? Something so easily checked online. Yet, she accepts it as true. Like all the rest of her accusations.

    Yep. I can see this helping her. Right into sanctions.

  2. politicaldoc Says:

    Dina, Can you send a link for me to post? What date exactly are you saying Eric Holder was in California? Also, I think those jets go fast enough to be in 2 states in one day. Thanks.
    Sounds like you voted for Obama.

  3. Notawhackolikeyoufolks Says:


  4. politicaldoc Says:

    The photo above does not rule out that Mr. Holder could have been in Georgia in the morning and California in the afternoon. Remember that you gain hours as you travel west.
    So this does not prove Mr. Holder was not in Georgia before noon on July 16th.

    Why has this touched such a nerve? Very curious indeed.

  5. Mo Szyslak Says:

    Why would Eric Holder want to do a round trip of 4,500 miles spending a minimum of 9 hours in flight in a period of less than 12 hours to secretly counsel Judge Land?

    He could just lift the freakin’ phone!!

    You may not like him or what he stands for but only a moron would put himself through a trip like that rather than phone Land up.

  6. politicaldoc Says:

    Boy I sure sense some hostility—what makes all of you write on my puny blog?
    I don’t understand why flying to Georgia and then California is such a big deal in a private jet, which is probably how Eric Holder gets around for official business. Probably lots of free food and drink.

    Why the hell is he wasting his time and our taxpayer dollars jetting to California to be a community organizer and talk to gangs? Stay in DC and do his job and prosecute the bat carrying Black Panthers who broke several election laws.

  7. OriginalPatriot Says:

    Holder was in Columbus, Georgia on 16JULY09, many of us saw him.

  8. OriginalPatriot Says:

    It is easy to travel from Georgia to California in a very short time, only a complete idiot would believe anything Holder says regarding his schedule for 16JULY09.

  9. OriginalPatriot Says:

    These are the people doing a “cya” on ths blog for Holder and Obama. http://theplumline.whorunsgov.com/torture/department-of-justice-hires-blog-outreach-person/

  10. luckyinky Says:

    The Anti-gang meeting was at 7:30 pm PT 10:30 pm ET.


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