Sarah Palin–The Grassroots Love Her

I will confess.     I have an old McCain/Palin sign in my front yard.    But of course I have folded over and X’ed out McCain, leaving only the Palin part to be seen.

I don’t know if Sarah is completely ready to be president.   But after suffering with all that Obama is doing to destroy our country,  any patriot who loves our country would be better in the Oval Office.    That’s why Gov. Pawlenty is already staking a claim.    And Huckabee has been salivating for another try since last November.

Women love Sarah.   Men of all types love her even more.   Everyone realizes she is not a great scholar, but we have had enough of academia running our country to the ground.  We want a patriot and that is exactly what Sarah Palin is.

Rush Limbaugh loves Sarah Palin and what she represents: conservatism and patriotism.    And yes, we love Todd–a lot of professional women would die to have such a supporting husband.

I fear the Republican Party will remain stupid and set in its way.   The behavior of Senator Cornyn, backing loser liberals to run in 2010, is so disheartening.   WAKE UP, Big John.  SNAP OUT OF IT!    People aren’t reserving “Going Rogue”  in record numbers  because they like how the Republican Party has performed.   If the Republican honchos reject Palin and her ideas,  Obama can win in 2012.   If Obama wins another 4 years, you can kiss the Republican Party goodbye.   And one more time:  JOHN MCCAIN,  PLEASE JUST GO AWAY.    2012 will not be the year for moderates.

Great American Thinker article:


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